Raw Sauerkraut

What is raw sauerkraut?

Raw sauerkraut is distinctly different from store-brought, canned sauerkraut. While many food manufacturers can or jar their kraut using heat in order to extend shelf life, raw sauerkraut is lacto-fermented and is alive with good bacteria and probiotics. Raw sauerkraut is fermented over days or weeks at room temperature, packaged into jars with it’s own brine solution, then refrigerated to preserve the vitamins, enzymes, and beneficial bacteria without any heat. 

The lactic acid improves internal conditions for beneficial intestinal flora, balances stomach Ph both directions, and helps break down proteins. The enzymes break molecules down into building blocks, easily absorbed and used by your body. Not just the cabbage in the jar, but they keep going to work in your digestive tract breaking down the food you ate with the kraut. This in turn gives your body more nutrition with less digestive effort and increases your over all store house of enzymes and energy for other projects. The easy nutrition increases your body’s availability to both purify and build various systems as needed. This means your muscles are less sore, you experience less heartburn, your liver works better, your joints are more lubricated. All body systems benefit from this nutritional equation and you have a net gain in over all vitality.


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